Hi, I'm Lisa.

A little while ago, I was asked to write my birth story for my Calmbirth instructors website, at first I was like, hmm will it scare people? Am I allowed to talk about it? I had a natural birth and used Calmbirth techniques to assist me, but I also experienced an altercation (lipped cervix) which required some medical intervention and a lot of pain. After having birthed my child I felt so proud and heroic that I had achieved such a miracle but when I began telling people about my birth journey I experienced different reactions. One day whilst telling a friend about what occurred someone else said "Don't tell her that, you'll scare her". It really struck a cord with me, I didn't want to scare my friend but I didn't want to diminish what I went through, or lie to her about the brutal but beautiful experience which changed my life. So I stopped sharing my story for a while until I was asked to write about it. I wrote the story, and when I posted it I was met with dozens of positive comments and women telling me their journey. I was so inspired and felt connected to these women who also felt relief that they could talk to someone about the momentous occasion that is childbirth. That was when I had a lightening bolt moment and decided I needed to create a space where women could talk about their experience, showcase the positives of childbirth but also recognise the raw and brutal reality that is childbirth. Women are strong, powerful and I hope they come to this site and feel empowered. Birth stories can sometimes be scary, but it's sometimes a scary thing to go through, so the more we talk about it, understand it and shine light upon it, the more prepared and confident we will feel. 



I am a mother to the brightest light in my life Wylie, he is everything spectacular and magical in this world. My husband Simon was my pillar of strength during my labour, he is also pretty special. We live in Far North Queensland in a remote aboriginal community, where Simon teaches and I relief teach, blog and do all things mummy and wife.

This site is dedicated to all the amazing women in my life who have brought children into this world, you all guide me everyday in the choices I make to be the best mum I can be, but especially to my own mother, who brought me into this world, I now truly understand how much you love me. 



Name: Wylie Joshua
"Wylie" is Simon's Grandmother's maiden name which means "Enchanting or well watered meadow", "Joshua" is my brothers name. 

19.11.14, 10:05am. 

H, W & S: 53cm and 8'7", Male.