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This is Elle, Elle is an incredible, fun and beautiful mumma to two amazing little men. This is her story about her journey into motherhood for the second time round.

Elle shows how each birth can be different and how a positive mind frame really can change it all... 

So first words...Home renovation with a 22month old...and heavily pregnant…bliss.

I woke at 7am to light tightening cramps, 4 days past my due date! I was pregnant with my second child, having felt these before I knew this was the beginning. I knew this could be a while so I continued on with my daily morning routine. The builders came, coffee was purchased, my toddler who thought he was one of the carpenters was running around hammering everything, my husband eating breakfast- and no one but me, myself and I knew that I was in the early stages of labour. I kept the special moment to myself as I wanted to stay calm and relaxed, my first birth began with induction and it was not the most pleasant experience so this time I wanted to embrace every step. My body had done this before, the hard way, so I could do it again.

A few hours on and the cramps became stronger. I decided it was time to tell my husband that since 7am I had been experiencing labour pains. It was now noon, he was in utter shock and thought I was joking. After convincing him this was real we decided to call my mum (Nunnie) to see if she could come and look after our son, she came and got him straight away. I decided to go for a walk around the block as sitting still just agitated me. Mid walk the contractions became even more intense...note to self...should of brought my phone…or husband. It was now approaching 4pm. I arrived home and my contractions were about 5-7minuets apart. I called the hospital, they told me to continue on and call back in an hour. For the hundredth time I went and checked the baby bag to make sure all was prepared. After an hour I called the hospital back and let them know the contractions were now five minutes apart. They told me to head up, take my time and all I could thinks was “Oh yeah, this is happening!”

"Devastation is an understatement. I looked to my husband and cried. Everyone was so supportive, but when it's been that long and you've only reached 1cm, it’s shattering..."

After a forty minute drive to the hospital we were admitted to our room, it was around 5:30pm. The midwife attached me to a monitor, I was really feeling the contractions at this time. I was on the monitor for a good fifteen minutes and during this time the contractions weakened. All I could think was “Oh no, I just got here and then this happens!” I had an internal done, “Not what you want to hear… you are only 1cm dilated”. Devastation is an understatement. I looked to my husband and cried. Everyone was so supportive, but when it's been that long and you've only reached 1cm, it’s shattering.  

So, off we went back to my mother’s house, as she was closer to the hospital. We continued on with focusing on having a calm/relaxing environment and lots of laughing. It was now 7.30pm and I took myself off to a nice warm bath just trying to ease the pain, as I had it in the front and back. Contractions were now 3-4 minutes apart and really intense. I laid myself down and tried to rest. My husband started timing them for me as I needed to focus my breathing. Around 10:30pm I became very quiet and withdrawn. Contractions were three minutes apart. My husband and mother looked at each other and agreed it was time to go. “I’m fine” I said, “You don’t look fine” mum answered.

We got to the car and I insisted my mother sit in the front (best daughter ever, I know). I squeezed myself into the middle seat between two child seats mid way through a contraction… not the best idea. It became too uncomfortable so we pulled over, and I squeezed myself out again and into the front seat. We arrive at the hospital and things seemed to be speeding up! I hand over my paper work and they showed us to our room. It's 11.30pm. All throughout this labour I kept comparing it to my first experience which was extremely painful and exhausting, which made me think that I must have a long way to go still as this wasn’t as intense, I was praying they weren’t going to turn me away again. Then all of a sudden I said I had the urge to push, my mid wife turned around so quickly the paper work went flying in the air. She was in as much shock as I was.

She said to just go with what I felt (still fully clothed/pants etc). It was confusing as I hadn’t even been examined yet, I didn’t know what to think. Everyone jumped in to help undress me…that was a new experience haha.  I had a trainee male Doctor who was also in for my birth. He was awesome, so calming and hilarious (at his expense, as he was quite tall and kept hitting his head on many things like the main light over the bed. Anyone who knows me would know I love to laugh. I couldn’t help but find the whole thing ridiculously funny).

So getting back to labour- I didn't want to be laying on the bed as I knew from my first birth that it can make it more difficult to push the baby out, my instincts kicked in and I said I wanted to face the back of the bed and kneel. I felt in control and went with what my body wanted to do. Instantly I felt the desire to push, I breathed really deep and pushed. After four pushes I had my beautiful boy in my arms.  He was born at 12.05am, weighing in at 8.5pounds, the same as our first son! He had a bit of breathing trouble caused from some mucus on the lungs so he was put into special care for two days. This was extremely sad and frightening for me as our first son was fine and stayed with us straight away. I was very thankful for the caring staff in the special care unit. I'm so lucky my birth was pretty straightforward. I'm so grateful to my body; I love it even more now. It still amazes me that I have grown two amazing humans. And yes, our renovation continued on for two more months, as they say if it doesn’t rain it pours right…

Introducing Cisco Danger Campbell.

Thank you Elle for sharing your story with honesty and love. So proud of how you stayed strong, kept a positive mind frame and trusted your body and your instincts. You are a powerful and inspirational mummy! If you want to follow Elle and Cisco you can by clicking here!  P.s Elle is also a creative soul who has a business you need to check out! --> @hikohane