Jessica Jadezak is an extremely talented and beautiful woman, she makes everything beautiful and completely her own, her birth story is just the same. Jessica's story depicts the sometimes harsh reality that birth does not always go the way we want, but she shows us that with courage and trust you will persevere and the reward is the greatest to ever be given. Her story shows that sometimes medical intervention is required and thats okay. Here is her story...

Going into my third trimester I had decided I would be extremely open to what happened during birthing. The situation would unfold no matter what, it was out of my control and I was happy to take it as it came. Sure, I had an idea of how I wanted it to go, in the perfect world I would have a water birth with minimal intervention on or around my due date.

However, it became clear at my 32 week check up that this may not happen the way I pictured it. My belly was measuring small for my dates and I would need a growth scan. At 34 weeks I had my growth scan which showed yes, my baby was small and my fluids were low. From this point until the birth I would be monitored on a weekly basis. Come 37 weeks and I'd dropped more length and my hydration levels were still classed as low. The night before I was meant to go in for another growth scan I got a call from the hospital saying they would like me to be induced as they felt it safest for the baby and me for this to happen earlier. I started to panic. This was all happening so fast now.

I went to the hospital and was examined, I was told I would need a balloon catheter (a soft silicon tube with two a small balloons on the end is placed on either side of the cervix and helps to gradually open and thin the cervix) and, the only spot available was that night. Okay things are really moving quickly now, the reality of my baby coming so soon was really starting to hit me. I was back at the hospital within 2 hours and had the balloon catheter inserted at around 9:30pm. Isaac, my parter, had to leave and go home at 10pm and I was given some pain killers and a sleeping tablet. Around 11pm I started having some SERIOUS cramping and pain. Then the nausea came and I started vomiting. I approached the nurse and asked if this was normal, shouldn't I be knocked out and sleeping?! They decided to strap me to the CTG machine and monitor me and bub.

Throughout the night the pain turned into full on contractions coming every 5 minutes and lasting for about 1 minute. The surges came strong and were extremely intense. Because of the vomiting I was struggling to keep any water down so I was put on a drip to keep me hydrated. Relief came when the contractions started to slow and I managed to rest for about two hours. Around 7am the midwife came and took me to the birthing room, Isaac was back by 7:30am and I was able to eat some breakfast. During this time I was able to relax, the surges still came but I was managing them. 

 "They assessed me and the words "emergency caesarian" were mentioned as a possibility..."

At 9:30am the balloon catheter was removed. I was only about 1-2cm dilated and my cervix was still quite thick. The next stage was to break my waters and I was given the chance to labour naturally without the syntocinon drip and yep did I ever! Contractions started almost straight away and, back came the nausea, so I was hooked to a drip for some relief. I was also strapped to the CTG machine to monitor the bub's heart rate. As the contractions grew stronger throughout the morning the bub's heart rate kept dropping quite low and taking a while to recover after each one so the doctor was called in. They assessed me and the words "emergency caesarian" were mentioned as a possibility, I was also told I couldn't eat or drink much, so bye bye hydration drip. All I had for liquid was the ice I sucked on during each contraction in order to get my mind off the pain. I found a position on the bed where I could manage the pain and I stayed there breathing throughout each one and having Isaac massage my lower back. At around 1pm I was examined again and was at 3cm dilated and my cervix had started to thin. The doctor also popped a monitor on the top of baby's head as the CTG kept slipping as I moved around. At this time I heard the doctor say he wouldn't come back and check me again until about 6pm as this being my first baby it would take about that long for me to be closer to 10cm and in the next phase of labour. This news shattered me.

After the night I'd had and the pain I was going through I decided I needed help. Gas and pethidine were off the cards for me as the main side effect was nausea and I already had been dealing with that! So I asked for an epidural. Unfortunately the doctor and anaesthetist were called to surgery so I would have to wait. Just knowing relief was coming helped me through the next hour. Atlast the anaesthetist returned and I was administered the epidural. The pain subsided almost straight away, what a relief. However, my blood pressure dropped and so did the baby's heart rate. What had I done?! The nurse pressed the emergency button and in came about 5 other midwives and the doctor. I looked at Isaac with tears in my eyes. They got me to move around in different positions and my heart rate slowly went back up and the baby was stable but his heart rate was not ideal. He was under stress. I was examined again and I was at 9cm!!!! Wow!! My body had been moving much quicker than anyone could have imagined.

I somehow think my body knew instinctively that we had to get things moving. It was now around 4pm and I had suddenly felt the urge to push and a renewed sense of energy knowing my body was now prepared to deliver my baby. The doctor decided he would pull the baby out with forceps to make sure he was under no further stress. It only took 3 big pushes and he was out!! Born at 4:29pm on Thursday 17th September. I had done it. As he came out and took his first breath I knew everything was fine. The doctor told us he had the cord wrapped over his shoulder and behind his neck so the decision to get him out quickly was a good one.

Even though my birth didn't go the way I planned it all happened for a reason and I'm glad I was able to deliver a healthy little boy into the world with Isaac by my side. 

Jack Benjamin Clair: born 17 September at 5.8 pounds

Thank you Jessica for sharing your story, you are brave and did such an exceptional job delivering baby Jack into this world. You have really shown that sometimes medical intervention is the best option and that trusting the support team around you and your instincts is vital, we are so proud of you JJ. 

You can find Jessica and Jack on instagram, her feed is delicious, and I mean delicious! She posts nourishing food posts, cute updates of Jack and inspirational home and baby decor ideas, find her @meyouandjack.

Thank you for taking us into your Haven! x